Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Steps 1-6

This project is done on a ball, called a sphere to make it more like a world globe. Thinking of it like that will make it easier for you to understand where to start with what, when, etc. You have cut 26, 3 1/2" squares of your focus print, and 16,3 1/2" squares of your contrasting fabric. Be exact in your cutting to make this work out very nicely. Some of you are quilters and know exactly how to make what we call, "Prairie points" and that is exactly what we are going to do with each of these squares. I don't make them ahead, I make them as I am ready to pin them onto the sphere. Take one square of focus fabric fold it into half, and then into half again. Crease it very well. open it up and stick a pin into it at the center point that we marked at first. Do this again and pin another square EXACTLY centered underneath the top square at the bottom of the sphere. They should line up when you look down at them!
For ones of you who do not know how to make prairie points, follow me through the steps 1-6.
Step 1: Fold a focus square into half
Step 2: Fold the square into half again. FINGER PRESS THE CREASES VERY HARD!
Step 3: Open up the square and see that I have marked the creases with a white pencil. This is just to find the center point for Step #6.
Step 4: With the square folded as in Step 2, fold the right corner into the center line and crease it.
Step 5: Fold the other side of the fabric to the center. Make sure that the top points are together and the folds in the center are lined up nicely!
Step 6: Go back to Step 3, and put a pin into the center point and pin the OPENED SQUARE to the top center of the sphere on top and bottom of the ball. These open squares keep the styrofoam from showing through on the first pinning of the prairie points.

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