Thursday, March 7, 2013


We Irish love the month of March.  It makes me feel good  to see the shamrocks here and there on signs, etc.

Here's the pattern for your shamrock to use on placemats, etc.  The placemats are easy to make.....I use a "Pizza" cardboard circle for the circle pattern...Fuse a green felt shamrock to one of the circles.Stitch around the shamrock 1/8" from the outside edge......make a 'sandwich' of one lining circle of fabric right side up,  a top fabric wrong side up, and a layer of batting.  Pin together.
Stitch together all the way around leaving a 6" opening to flip and turn. Sew up the side.  Stitch in the ditch around the shamrock to hold the 3 layers together nicely.  That's all folks!
Napkins are 16" squares hemmed with a 1/4" hem.