Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crazy quilt beginning with decorations

Press and seal in grocery store with foil and wax paper.

Crazy quilt pieces using Press N Seal without having a sew them together.  Just butt the pieces up against each other, then press and seal the sticky side down to hold them,, and then featherstitch the pieces together on the machine. Rip away Press N Seal.

feather stitched together and Press and Seal torn away. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


For ones of you starting the Forgiveness project.  Here are the pics thus far.
Notice that there are lights and darks.  It does not matter which one you start with.  I shall use some larger florals interspersed in the quilt, as well.  This next week I shall be showing you how to start and a special product that you will want to get to use to save a lot of time.  Look at your grocery store in the foil and wax paper section, for a new product called PRESS AND SEAL. I'll show you how to use it!  WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!