Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mystery Quilt of Valor BEGINNING THE CUTTING OF THE FABRIC and Sewing instructions for Block #1

Once you have folded selvage edges together, cut off selvage at least 1/4". Some fabrics' selvage is even 1/2" whatever, cut it off before starting to measure. Block #1 uses 3 fabrics: dark, med. and light makes a nice block. Block #1 requires strips that are 3 1/2" wide. I started another QOV using red batik for the 12 1/2" X 3 1/2" strips. Cut 8 since we are making 8 blocks like Block #1.
Then cut 8 strips that are 9 1/2" X 3 1/2" out of the same color fabric. Follow the pattern given with Aug. 24th entry. Look at the picture of all of the pieces cut and ready to assemble.
Once you are ready to sew them together, begin with the bottom small 3 1/2" red square. This pattern is called a "Log Cabin" block. The bottom right corner square is the "hearth" of the cabin, and is usually red.
1. Sew the 3 1/2" white square to the red square using a PERFECT QUARTER INCH SEAM. Finger press light seam to the dark side. LOOK CAREFULY AT THE FINISHED PICTURE ABOVE!
2. sew the 6 1/2" white piece to the side of the two squares. LOOK CAREFULLY AT FINISHED PICTURE ABOVE!
3. Sew 6 1/2" blue piece to top of project. Always finger press to dark side when possible.
4. Sew 9 1/2" blue piece to the side of project.
5. Sew 9 1/2" red piece to the top of the project.
6. Sew 12 1/2" red piece to the side of the project, finishing the sewing of the block.
Press seams carefully on the back using a DRY HOT IRON. NO STEAM, ever!!!!!!! Once the seams are pressed nicely, press the top of the block.