Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hoop cover construction

Directions for making a "hoop cover" for your quilting hoop to aid in quilting the borders. Once you have quilted to the outer edge of your quilt, it becomes difficult to quilt the borders in a hoop, as there is nothing to make the border stay taut. I used to use one of Mr. Whoozy's handkerchiefs attached by pins to the outer edge of the quilt. This gave the quilt something to fit into the hoop, completely.
Then one day, a dear friend of mine, named Sissy, came over with a "cover" that she had made for my 14" quilting hoop. She used prequilted fabric that is very soft, yet very sturdy. Here are her directions:
You will need 1/4 yd. prequilted fabric;they make this un unbleached muslin.; 1 pkg. double fold wide bias tape (a 3 yd. pckg is enough for two hoop covers.; and a nice 3" piece of Velcro; freezer paper to make pattern.
Lay the inside ring of the hoop down on freezer paper and trace around the shape, stopping about 2/3 of the way up from the top. This will allow two-thirds of the quilt to be inside of the hoop. Cut out the paper pattern.

Lay the paper pattern onto two layers of prequilted fabric and cut out including a 1/4" seam allowance.
Cut a 1" X 18 joining strip of the fabric for a 14" hoop.
Fold this strip into quarters and mark with a dash on outer edges. Then do the same with the curved pieces. Right sides together, pin the joining strip to the edge of one curved piece, matching dashes. Straight stitch, zigzag or serge together using the 1/4" seam.
Pin the other side of the joining strip to the other curved piece, matching dashes, then stitch. Press seam allowance toward strip and then topstitch.
Bind the bottom edge of the cover with a bias strip or bias tape.
Sew the Velcro approximately 1 1/2" up from the bottom edge. This allows the quilt to be slipped inside of this cover later.
The cover is finished now, so slide it on the inner hoop ring and fasten the hooked tape to lock it in place. Pin with large safety pins the edge of your quilt layers to the straight edge of the cover. Slide the outer hoop on and tighten.
Quilt to your heart's content!
Again, THANKS SISSY, you have added many years to my quilting life!