Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Simple Irish Chain attachment: finished Cornucopia

Notice the stitching on the finished cornucopia

November attachments: Cornucopia

Oh, wow, November is flying by. I haven't bought my turkey yet for Thanksgiving, but I know I shall go shopping about this time next week. I like to wait until closer to "the day" so I shall get a fresher turkey. I'm sure they must sell last year's turkey's first, and I want one who was walking around this time last year........poor dear..........If I get to thinking about that I'd become a vegetarian! But, I do love roasted turkey!
The cornucopia is pretty and easy to make. I have to tell you that I have found a great fabric glue, called "Fabri-Tac" and I used a few drops of it to glue my grapes to the felt. I have found that making these attachments out of felt is the way to go. Fast and easy. I glue, and then zigzag stitch around the other things with invisible thread. I love the way my cornucopia looks on the quilt. I'll share that with you at the end of the month when we have all of the attachments on it for November!
Happy days!