Friday, April 12, 2013


Here we go with another Mystery Quilt.  Seems like folks like these fun projects.  There are only two block patterns that are pieced blocks.  I am using hand-dyed fabric that starts at a pale blue and ends with a pale green with lime green accents here and there.  The main thing is to use very pale fabrics.  You may choose any colors you wish, but just be sure that one of the colors is much much lighter than the other two so that the design will show up nicely.
You should make 8 blocks using this Block #1 pattern.
The only requirement is that all of the blocks for Block #1 must be made exactly alike.   The size of your quilt will be determined by the size of your blocks.  I am making a small wall-hanging so I am making 6" finished blocks.  For a twin bed size, you would want to make 12" finished blocks.
Remember that you must use very very light colored fabrics that will help your applique of beautiful magnolia blossoms show up well.  They will be appliqued to your pieced background.  For 6" block cut squares 2 1/2" and for half-square triangles, cut squares 2 7/8" and cut apart diagonally.