Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simple Irish Chain Attachments Leaves

Having thought about Oct. and Nov. being fall months, it seems reasonable for us to put fall leaves and pumpkins on both months! What a hoot! Of course, you know that I shall come up with a snazzy turkey for us for Thanksgiving! and another surprise that you haven't thought about most likely.......
I suggest that you make these leaves all different sizes. You can print these patterns off from my blog (view Quilters University lesson #5 (May 2010)
Batik leaves in fall colors will be very pretty. I plan on filling up the blank squares of the quilt with pumpkins and fall leaves. Just be creative! This is YOUR project, too! If you're short of time, however, there is felt at fabric stores in all shades of fall colors:orange, red, yellow, brown, light green, purple, orange etc. just be wild and crazy with'll love it!
These leaves are out of my yard in NC. I remembered that you poor dears in Texas, etc. don't have this kind of leaf falling around your feet like we do, thus, here are some patterns for you!! ENJOY.....don't forget, CHECK THE BLOG every day, as I am really into this fun right now! Happy Days!