Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Simple Irish Chain Turkey construction

I can't get used to the fact that the blog doesn't put things in numerical order. I must try to remember to show the finished product after the steps of construction. Forgive me. This turkey is sooooooooooo cute. He is "full of himself" as most turkeys are...........tee hee.....I don't think I said that...........ha
Since I don't know any turkeys personally, I have no idea how that comes about. Mr. Whoozy is perfect in every way, and so I don't have to worry about his being egotistical...........is that a word? ha
I am soooooo looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have 11 people coming to my table for dinner. I haven't cooked for that many people in several years, so it should be a real red letter day for me. Thank goodness most of the people are bringing things to supplement THE TURKEY and dressing.......so that is a blessing.
Some of you readers don't know that I had "African violets in my oven" when I met Mr. Whoozy nearly 20 years ago. He couldn't believe that I had them in there, but I didn't want to get my new oven dirty. The violets loved the light, and therefore, they thrived in there. I'll never forget the first time he came to my house.............he walked through the kitchen to put a bottle of vino in the fridge, and that was when he noticed the violets...........He said, "My, why do you have flowers in your oven?" I said, right up front, "I DON"T COOK!" Now, you see, I didn't fool him into thinking I was a cook deluxe!
He laughingly tells people that his future bride had "violets in her oven and the only thing in her fridge was tulip bulbs and suppositories." Now, that is the gospel truth!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and keep checking my blog........I'm really getting the hang of this thing..................ha
Love all of you, dearly, Quiltlady

Simple Irish Chain Turkey Step 3

Simple Irish Chain Turkey construction Step 2

Simple Irish Chain Attachment: Turkey