Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quilting Has Started on Amazing FLower Quilt in NC

Finally got the sashing quilted around the Dogwood block. I just quilted a quarter inch away from all three strips of the sashing. Don't want anything fancy on that as it will take away from the quilting on the blocks. I am starting the quilting of the first plain block. It will be a challenge to fill up those 4 plain blocks with quilting, but that is what I enjoy most of all. I am using just a simple 12" feather stencil that I ordered from The Stencil Company. They have every kind of stencil known to man! or woman..........ha. Once I finish quilting one plain block I'll put the picture of it on this blog. This hot weather all over the country is most conducive to sitting and quilting under the AC.........Happy Days.....B


Hi, you all,
Hope you are working hard on your flower wall hanging down there in Florida. The next flower is the Hibiscus, and wow, is it fun to do. This flower comes in many colors so take your pick. The pattern has been sent to you or will be on the Ocean Wave Quilters' website soon. Only one more flower to go and then I'll share the idea for putting this together into a lovely wall hanging.
Stay cool down there.........it's even hot up here in NC. WOW
Happy Days!