Monday, May 23, 2011

Directions for NY purse

I guess this purse is a winner. I have gotten so many emails, etc about it. Some want the entire set of directions, so here goes:The top fabric for the purse requires 36" X 15" and the lining requires the same. I used a light-weight batting cut the same measurements. Using a 1/4" seam, sew the three together placing top and lining right sides together, with batting on the bottom, leaving a 6" side open for flipping and turning right side out. Hand sew the opening together.
To get the shape of the top of the purse, make 3" folds toward the center at each corner, pin, and fold the tops down at least 3". Tack all of this in place. Velcro may be used for closing at the top.
Free motion quilt only the back side of the purse.
Before sewing the side seams together, cut an 8" X 15" piece of fabric for inside pockets. Fold raw seams in 1/4" and fold again, to finish the seams. Sew this piece to the back side of the purse. Stitch vertical lines for cell phone pocket, etc.
Make ruffle: Using two fat quarters (one main fabric and one for lining) folded together. Cut four 2 1/2" strips across width of fabrics. Sew 4 strips of main fabric together. Press seams. repeat for lining fabric. Sew the two long strips together along each side using 1/4" seam. To turn the ruffle inside out, use a stiff yard stick and starting on one open end, start pulling the inside of the ruffle out by pulling the outside down over the yard stick.
Once this is done, sew a gathering stitch along one edge of the strip and gather gently....not tightly.
Begin in the center of the purse with a "rose shape" in the center. Stitch this down through the layers to hold it firmly while you work the ruffle around and around to the outside edge of the purse. Pin end under the ruffle. Pin about every 3" to hold the circular shape. Tack ruffle about every 3" with a matching thread.
Hand sew the top triangular sides of the purse together with "blind stitches."
Ribbon may be added for a handle and a decoration. Voila you have an adorable purse.