Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sense of Sight

After two eye surgeries, I can see far and near without glasses. How wonderful is that! Cataracs had clouded my vision in both eyes, and to thread a needle could take as long as 15 min. and sometimes I was not successful at that task at all. So PRAISE THE LORD! The eye surgeon must be an absolute genius! I can thread my sewing machine. I can thread a tiny #10 quilting needle, so WATCH OUT!!!!!! I am going to be "cuttin' loose," as we say in Texas!
Hand quilting is my passion. I know that I shall never be astute at machine quilting, because I just don't enjoy sitting at the machine for long periods at a time. I admire anyone who does, however, and I appreciate ones who can do so so effortlessly, it seems.
I have seen quilters quilting without a hoop, and I just don't know how they can do that on a large project. My stitches would be gigantic and I would have wrinkles all over the back of my quilt. I use a 14" hoop and a #10 quilting needle. With these eyes, I believe that I shall be quilting at least another 20 years, and perhaps, Lord willing, a lot longer!