Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wisteria Pillow Top construction

I'm putting step by step directions for making a 14" pillow top using the Wisteria pattern on this blog. Scroll down to see it and a picture of a wisteria up close! I had never taken the time to really look at a wisteria blossom! Amazing!
As you who blog all of the time, you know that you have to scroll down to the beginning of a project, and then scroll up to see the steps in order ......kinda weird, but it works that way:) Tomorrow I shall add how to finish the blossoms. They are so pretty when finished.
Silk ribbon is used for the tiny stems for each individual pod on the blossom. It is 4mm wide. I used a bright green. I stitched the ribbon and the long green stem on with invisible thread in the bobbin and on top, using a tiny zigzag stitch for the "applique" process. Easy as pie! I am using crayolas to make the pods and flowers to look more realistic. You know how I love to use crayolas! Be sure to buy the real CRAYOLAS, as they have more wax in them......:)