Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, 2010!

I have made a list of goals that I hope to reach this year. Most of them have to do with quilting, knitting, and stitchery of some kind or other. For ones who are making the Amazing Flower Quilt wall hanging, my goal is to get all of the blocks finished by June 1st so I can share them with you in the mountains and on this blog. Putting the blocks together will be done in June and adding the borders will come soon after that. I want to start hand quilting this in July. I love hand quilting, and this flower quilt will be such an easy one to quilt.
Now that I have made this known to the world, I shall be obligated to reach my goal if I can stay well, Lord willing!
I have learned that if I get the block all pinned onto the background, I can applique in the evening while watching TV. Try this, as it really keeps one on track.