Saturday, August 27, 2011


Construction of Block #1 is "old hat" for a seasoned quilter, but ones of you who are new to this game, will enjoy seeing a slide show I made of the construction of the first block. The main thing is to mark your sewing machine presser foot plate with a Sharpie permanent pen where to line up 1/4" seams. This makes it so easy to keep a quarter in. seam through the whole quilt. It's your machine, and marking on it is your privilege! I do it all the time! It finally wears off, but, just mark it again! Another thing to remember on this block, but sure that all 8 blocks have the 3 1/2" red block in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER! It's ok to have it another color, but be sure that all of them are exactly alike. Your Mystery quilt will not work exactly any other way.