Friday, October 28, 2011

"Old friends" are so wonderful!

Just got an email from a dear friend named Jody,from my "other life" in Texas. She sent me a picture of her "autumn wreath" that she had made using my Christmas wreath idea from this blog back on Dec. 7th, 2010. She plans on making a wreath for each change of season! What a neat idea that is! I love to see people getting creative with the ideas that I give, as so many of you are so talented! All you need is a little idea and you run with it! WONDERFUL!
Can't you imagine how cute this wreath will be in February with Valentine fabrics all over it and hearts added. This wreath starts with a styrofoam circle and fabric "prairie points" that are so simple to make, pinned onto the circle with just plain pins!
Check the archives from years past that are also on this blog. They have many ideas that you are welcome to use! Happy Halloween!