Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This seasonal wall hanging will have "attachments" that will be "attached" to the plain blocks with velcro......pumpkins for Oct., turkeys or cornucopias, etc. for Nov. Wreaths, etc, for Dec. etc. this will continue for the entire year until you have attachments ready for the entire year for years to come. The quilt wallhanging will be done in the Simple Irish Chain pattern as shown in the visuals below. Make the wall hanging first, and get it quilted post haste, and be ready to put it up with the pumpkins that are forthcoming in another week. Check the blog often as I shall be putting more pictures of this fun project as I get mine completed! I found that the best color to use is blue as it will be a pretty background for every "attachment" that we do for the entire year. Shades of blue are really pretty!

Simple Irish Chain

Block pattern for Simple Irish Chain Ninepatch

Simple Irish Chain Step #2

Cut Strips as shown in visual 1 1/2" pieces

Simple Irish Chain #1 Visual

Simple Irish Chain block

Wow, funtime again. I love starting a new project. I have a purpose in life that way. I can't wait to get up in the mornings to get busy on my "projects." What in the world do people do who don't have "projects?" I don't have a clue what I would do with my time!
This new project is such fun and so simple to do.
Step 1: Cut strips of fabric (three colors, light medium and dark) 1 1/2" wide across the width of the fabrics. Sew together in this order: dark, light, medium. Sew the next strip set: Light, dark, light. Sew the next set: dark, light, dark.
The first set, dark, light, medium is used for every 3 1/2" block by rotating it around to put the dark squares in different locations. I suggest that you print off the pattern and color in the blocks as they will be sewn. This helps to get the squares in the right places, (especially if you are as dyslexic as I am!) MERCY
See visual: #1

Monday, September 13, 2010

Funky purses fun to make

This is the same pattern as directions below. I am using size 13 needles and cotton plus ribbon yarn for the first 5", then dropped the ribbon and knitted with cotton yarn only until the size I wanted(about 15") I cut a piece of fusible stiff pellon 15" and two pieces of silky light green fabric cut 16 1/2". I fused the pellon to the wrong side of one piece of the green fabric; I sewed the light green fabric right sides together, leaving 6"opening for turning. Flipped and turned,now, pellon is on the inside of the green fabric; blind stitched the opening by hand, and folded and creased the green fabric in half. Attach the knitting piece(only the cotton yarn part to the green "purse" by sewing with invisible thread in a zigzag stitch along the edges catching the knitting edge to the green fabric (stretching the knitting to cover the entire green fabric. The ribbon section is the flap that folds down over the cotton yarn. Sew a large decorative button below the ribbon flap, and make a loop of ribbon yarn for the fastener. Just be creative with this pattern. It is great!

My knitting attempt at karen S.'s scarf pattern

I just love the look of this lacy scarf that is reversible. Directions are on this blog.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Knitters Take notice

Some of you had asked me for the pattern for my daughter Karen's scarf.
Here are the directions:
It is called a reversible lace scarf.
Pattern calls for size 10 needles and one skein of Handmaiden Silk Bamboo yarn (only $42 a skein! ouch!) She used size 7 needles and 2 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk.I am using pretty yarn from Charlottes Fibers in Brevard called Lang yarns LYRA and bought two skeins ($13 each MUCH better) and am using size 7 needles.
Cast on 24 sts loosely so end will lay flat;
Knit 2 rows garter stitch (knit both rows)
Knit pattern row: K4, (YO, K2 tog, K2) repeat what is between () 5 times. (there will not be another K4 at the end of the row!!!!!! The K4 is done ONLY at the beginning of the row.
Repeat that one pattern row until scarf is desired length.
Knit 1 row, and cast off loosely. Weave in ends and block. You might tie fringe on the ends or just leave them plain....your choice.
I shall put a picture of a purse I am making out of really wild yarn and ribbon that I had left over from another project.........and knitted the same pattern above with size 13 needles. Very lacy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Directions for any electronic book cover

I've seen covers for these "books" advertised, but thought how much nicer to have a very personal quilted cover for this electronic marvel. Therefore, I made one using the 6" paper pieced pineapple square pictured below. Starting with the center square #1, embroider initials or name on the 2 1/2" square. Once the pineapple is finished, press the outside seams under with a very hot iron. Remove paper.
Cut two focus fabrics, two lining fabrics, and two pieces of 1/8" fusible fleece, 11" X 8" to fit a 6" Kindle. Measure your "book" and adjust sizes to fit. Pin the pineapple to the center front of one focus fabric with one fleece underneath. Machine applique (tight zigzag stitch all around the outside edges of pineapple. Quilting may be done now.
Place a lining fabric onto the top of the focus fabric, right sides together, and stitch all the way around leaving a 3" opening fo "flip and turn." Blind stitch side opening.
Repeat this process with the back focus fabric without a pineapple, and both front and back will be finished. There will be no raw edges seen. Pin the two pieces together; stitch with a quarter inch seam around the sides and bottom. Place 1" sticky Velcro pieces inside to hold the centers together. VOILA you're finished!

Pineapple pattern for Kuddly Kindle Kover

Paper piece this pineapple pattern. Directions for paper piecing may be found on the web by "search" "How to Paper piece quilting" Be sure that when you copy this pattern, that it makes a 6 1/2" square. See University #5 lesson on "How to print from the blog."

Directions for making Kuddly Kindle Kovers

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kuddly Kover for Kindles

Years ago, a friend and I had a small business called, "Cuddly Covers." We made the very first quilted soft book covers for children's books, then for adults' books, etc.; therefore it seems neat to design a soft quilted cover for the electronic books that are out there right now. Measure the size of your electronic book, and then follow the directions that I gave in the newspaper on Sept. 8th. The covers may be made any size. I am also showing a couple of covers that I have made for friends as well as the one for myself that was in the paper. Have fun with this project!