Thursday, August 30, 2012

LAST BLOCK FOR Mystery Quilt Extraordinaire

HERE IT IS! The TURTLE! This is the cutest turtle ever! The tail and head are sewn into the seams on the curves, after you have stuffed them a bit with a little batting or fiberfil. This gives them a nice touch. The head needs eyes embroidered onto it or buttons if making a quilt that is not for a small child. If making a quilt for an adult, you can put a "star" block instead of the turtle or something that you have appliqued.....or even a picture is nice! Be creative! Enlarge this pattern to fit a 12" finished block. HOW TO PRINT FROM A BLOG: look at my archives on this blog. Find the one for May 10, 2010. Complete directions are given there for pinting this pattern off or any other pattern that you wish...........HAPPY QUILTING! Next week: The Construction of the Mystery QUILT! YEHHHH you'll love it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mystery Quilt Extraordinaire Block #3

Wow, how time flies! I think someone else has said that! Block #3 is very simple to construct. Just be sure that you measure and cut accurately. Make 4 of this pattern. One corner should have a very "weird" fabric to make it completely different from the other fabrics. Notice light and dark areas. Be sure that all 4 blocks are exactly alike! Enjoy! There is only one more pattern and it only has to have one block constructed! We're almost there......keep up with me.....and you'll love the outcome. So different from the "run of the mill" quilts.....almost abstract.