Friday, October 5, 2012

Fairy God Mother Quilt!

O.K., I have to tell you, being without a computer for a week is truly devastating!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry for the delay, but I just had to backup my computer in the event of a major "CRASH!" This happened to a friend of mine, and I know her pain!!!!!!! I have 12 years of articles on this computer, and just can't afford to let that happen to forgive my delay in getting some of the articles and pictures on here that you are looking for at this moment! Here is the Fairy God Mother quilt. It is truly adorable. Just think of all those dainty little handkerchiefs in your dresser drawer that you never ever look at except in a blue moon, and that just, get them out and choose one that you adore, and get busy making a little miniature quilt out of is.! So simple..........just layer it with batting, and a lining, and do a little stitching on it and add a few baubles that you adore and voila, you can enjoy it every day of your life, right there in your face!!!!!!! This one is only 12" square..........and isn't it precious!!!!!!!!!! Almost as precious as the person who gave it to me!!!!!!!!!!!