Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jelly Roll Quilts for Hospice patients

So many of you make lap quilts for Hospice patients that I thought I'd share a wonderful pattern for a quickee quilt for wheelchair patients, etc.
Jelly rolls come in several sizes. If you should happen to have one of the larger rolls, with as many as 40 strips(see NOTICE at bottom of this posting) of fabric, divide the strips in half and using only 20 of them. follow the directions below.
If you don't have a jelly roll, select 20 of your favorite pieces of fabric in your "collection" that have at least a piece large enough to cut a 2 1/2" X entire width of fabric usually 42" strip. Having 20 strips will be ample for making a small laptop quilt.
Sew the 20 strips together connecting all of them making one long long strip of fabric.
Once the strips are sewn together, take one end and chop off 18".
*Pick up one end of the strip and place it on the top end of the strip, placing them right sides together.
Sew the raw edges of the strips together making a strip 4 1/2" wide. When you get to the end of this, cut it into two pieces.*
Repeat the process above beginning with the * area. This will make a strip
8 1/2" wide.
Repeat * to * until you have sewn all together as wide as you wish it to be.
( 4 repeats will end up being 32 1/2" wide X 51"length. This a nice width and length for a lap quilt.
Press seams to one side in the same direction.
Borders may be added to attach to the stripped center. They may be as wide as you wish to have the desired length.
Make a sandwich of the stripped top, batting, and a backing.
Machine quilt as you wish. Add Binding as you wish.
NOTICE:The 40 strips will make 2 wheelchair lap quilts using other fabrics for borders. Follow the directions above, and when all strips are sewn as directed cut in half for two hospice size quilts.