Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Quilting has started/ sashing

Finished quilting the Dogwood block this past week. Had a terrible tooth problem and had to take care of that before continuing on with the quilting. Now, I am ready to start quilting the sashing around the dogwood. Thank goodness, my friend, Lois had some 1/4" tape for me to use to get the lines nice and straight; nothing worse than seeing a quilt where someone has guessed at the quarter inch. mercy!

I shall put two lines of quilting in each of the darker green strips,(hope you can see the tape on the strip in the picture) and then a decorative design in the middle strip. That will come next.

Some people do a great job of quilting the blocks, and then fudge on the quilting of the sashing. Not a nice thing. It is always very obvious to someone that it has been done that way, so don't be tempted. I shall have the next installment for doing the decorative design, hopefully this next week.