Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In 1976, the bicentennial year I was given the most adorable little puppy by my son and his wife.  When they put her in my cupped hand, I said, "How precious!"  and they replied, "That's her name!"
I only have small pictures of her when she was a puppy, but the one I have chosen was taken out on our patio right after Precious had come home from the groomer.  She really knew that she was precious!  Her little rhinestone collar and leash are going to be so pretty in the wall hanging.  I have just started on this project, so you can follow along with me if you wish. 
I fused a piece of lightweight fleece to the back of the tan fabric.  I found the perfect black fur for her at Joann's Fabric Shop.  I shall be threadpainting over the fur to put in her white fur in a few places.  The background will be quilted on the machine. 
I enlarged the picture of her to get the pattern.  I have an overhead projector and just traced the outline of her on a piece of clear plastic and projected it to the pattern paper the size that I wanted to fit onto the 18" X 20" fabric.
I zigzagged the cut out fur piece after I had put Fray Check all around the edges of the fur to keep it from fraying. 
The first picture shows the pattern on the fur.
I pinned all of the pieces onto the fabric and that is what you see, now.  I drew in the legs of the patio table and put a little grass along the edge of the porch.  That will all be thread painted when I start sewing.

More pictures are coming as I progress with this project.
Enlarged pattern on black fur
Pieces pinned to fabric and fleece
This is my Precious Dog. Picture before digital cameras.