Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Quilt or wall hanging using Orange Peel pattern

I think the "orange peel pattern is one of my favorite classic patterns. Most people avoid it as it have curved pieces in it. It is truly a pretty pattern.
I have devised a method for making it that requires no "piecing" what-so-ever!
The pattern that I put in the newspapers called for making the squares 8 1/2". The "Petal" pattern has to be enlarged for sure. Unfortunately when I wrote the article, I got my "wires crossed" and put the petal for the 6 1/2" square in the paper which has a measurement 4 1/4" from point to point.
Let me correct that right now. If you are making the 8 1/2" squares quilt, the petal must measure 5 5/8" from point to point down through the center! Once you have that petal enlarged to that size,cut out a plastic template for it and cut out freezer paper petals to iron onto the back of each petal, using 4 petals for each square. If you wish the quilt to be 36", cut out 16 squares.
Fold the squares in half and into half again and crease them. This give you the center point where the creases cross in the middle of the square.
Pin the petals onto the square making sure that you are leaving 1/4" seam allowance at each corner of the square. I discovered that when I machine buttonhole stitched the petals down, it ate up some of the seam allowance. I would recommend that the template be cut smaller to ensure the 1/4" seam allowance.
I used regular pastel colored thread for the buttonhole stitching.
I want to make the baby quilt by hand, so I shall use embroidery thread and buttonhole stitch around the petals. The pictures you have here in the blog, or just samples that I made to be sure that everything works.
Wonder Under or Steam a Seam may be used to adhere the petals down firmly before stitching.
Once the blocks are all finished, I shall sew them together 4 blocks horizontally and 4 blocks vertically. 2" borders will be added to the quilt and then all will be sandwiched with batting and a lining. I am going to use "minkie" fabric for the lining; so nice and soft!
I plan on hand quilting around each petal about 1/8" away from each petal once I have sandwiched the quilt.
The finished quilt will be 36" X 36" which is a nice size for a baby quilt.