Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Autumn Leaves Quilt

NOVEMBER JUST BRINGS TO MIND AUTUMN LEAVES FALLING ALL AROUND US NO MATTER WHERE WE LIVE. Fond days of raking leaves, piling them up and kids jumping into them and spreading them all out all over the lawn again, comes to mind, too. The beautiful leaves on the massive trees in North Carolina triggered my brain to make a quilt as if I were looking through a window.....thus, I used the attic window quilt pattern that I shall put on this blog this next week. This quilt was made from drawing around the actual leaves that I had gathered out of my yard up in the mountains of NC, using them for my patterns. The added little picture of the water wheel in the center came as an afterthought. It added a little action to the quilt and a little more interest, I thought. Quilting the leaves was easy, as I had the actual leaf veins to copy, using metallic threads for interest. I like a little glitz on some of my quilts. I shall be putting pictures of my quilts that I have made over the years, for you to see on this blog. I'll share some of the patterns with you as well. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!