Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cat Footwarmer for foot of bed

Ode to Feral Cats

They came uninvited to our porch one cold morning;
An uglier momma cat, I've never seen;
But, close to her side, were two precious young ones,
And, not to love them would have been ever so mean!

The momma was trapped and put into dead sleep;
Of this, we had not even a clue;
But, morning after morning, the little ones mewed
At our doorstep;
Now, the kitties needed food that was due;

We named them Blondie and Frisky and begged them to stay
Close to home and not to wander away;
We had them 'fixed', got shots, and then got quite a shock,
When the vet said that Frisky should have been named Blondie, as a he, she was not!

Seventeen years we loved them quite dearly,
Their passing on came to us quite severely;
So this foot warmer* I've made in memory of our
so loved ones,
They still warm our feet and bring smiles to us clearly.

*Definition of a foot warmer: something that is spread across the foot of the bed to slip your feet under when taking a nap or for extra warmth at night.
Directions for foot warmer: 17"X 50" fabric needed about a yard of a pretty floral fabric and a yard for sashing and borders. I had bought a beautiful fabric, not knowing what in the world I was going to use it for, but to cut out a silhouette of kitties and fuse them to a 9 1/2" background block is pretty. Machine blanket stitch around each one with a contrasting color thread; add 2"sashing and 3 1/2" border; sandwich with polyester batting and a lining; and you have a delightful foot warmer for this cold winter. This will make an adorable Christmas gift for a cat lover, as well.