Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year is flying by!

Can you believe that it is already Jan. 19th? I really can't believe how fast these days fly by. I have been so busy getting a new project ready to start on the 26th of January, that I just realized that it is almost February!
Mr. Whoozy has had a terrible cold, but he is coming along nicely with my nursing skills. I learned how to make chicken soup to heal anyone, back in the olden days of newly marriage. My mother was a believer of it, and made sure that even though I couldn't cook, I at least knew how to go to the store and buy Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup when someone of us was sick! Now adays, Mr. Whoozy swears by Wolfgang Puck's Chicken with Wild Rice Soup for when he is ailing. And, you thought I was going to give you my recipe for chicken soup.......silly girl! How can anyone with violets in the oven possibly make chicken soup from scratch!
Next week, we are starting a new exciting project that you must check the blog every day or you'll get warts on your nose! You will want to keep up with the daily project, so you will live a long life. This will be more earth-shaking than Julie/Julia, I guarantee! When it starts, Jan. 26th, be sure to tell your friends and neighbors to get with the program just to see what a good friend you are to them! Loved ones will also love it.
Hope I have your interest piqued, as it is most essential that you start this project next Wednesday, Jan. 26th.
There is also a fantastic new Jacket project starting next Wednesday, the 26th, and I shall be putting the same directions on the blog for those of you who live "out of the area." There is nothing more fashionable right now, than a FOXY JACKET! You'll love it!
Hope you've gotten your January Seasonal quilt plain blocks all filled this month. February blocks are going to be so pretty. I love Valentine's Day. Needless to say, there will be hearts galore and flowers, etc. to fill the plain blocks beautifully.
Again, thanks for being my good friends, and know that I love and appreciate your input on my email. Put Blog question or comment in subject line HAPPY DAYS, and HAPPY STITCHING TO ALL OF YOU! Love, Bonnie
Check the blog EVERY DAY, surprise pictures will appear.........,:)B

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better picture of the potato salad scarf!

I think this is a better picture of the can see how it twists and thing to knit!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potato Salad Scarf

HAPPY NEW YEAR! YEHHHHHHH 1-11-11 Can you believe we survived Christmas and all the New Year fanfare! AMAZING!
Mr. Whoozy and I returned from our cruise discussing how we are going to get all organized this year......never happens! But, it sounds good!
The cute "Potato Salad Scarf" is getting longer and is such fun to knit, I don't think I'll quit......I'll just keep adding yarn and pretty soon I'll have a lasso I can lasso the moon!
The cute way it twists makes the cutest collar. One of the girls in my stitchery group came in today with a short version around her neck to keep warm. Needless to say, we all need to stay warm these days....MERCY!
I've given the pattern for this scarf in the newspaper article, but here is is again:
SIMPLE TO KNIT!!! easy for a beginner! Size 8 or 9 needle, any kind of yarn you like.
Cast on 20 - 21 stitches. I have 21, but I think I added one. That doesn't hurt a thing...........

Knit the first 8 stitches. Turn the piece around and knit the same 8.
Turn the piece around and knit 6 stitches. Turn piece around and knit the same 6.
Turn the piece around and knit 4 stitches. Turn piece around and knit the same 4.
Turn the piece around and knit ALL THE WAY ACROSS TO THE END.
Begin again at the beginning of the instructions and repeat this over and over until you run out of yarn! Like I say, I am on my 4th skein and am still going. After about the first 5 or 6 inches, the piece will begin to twist. That is what you want it to do. It makes a ruffled scarf!
It is hard to get the picture to show the ruffle......when I finish it, I'll take a picture of it around my neck! ha
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Check the blog often.....I have so many new ideas to share with you!