Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to work on Magnolia Quilt

  Forgive my tardiness but my life has been rather hectic the past few months.  Keep praying for Mr. Whoozy, as he needs your prayers.

I adjusted the size of the quilt at the top of my blog.  It is really the wildest quilt I have ever made.  It was a mystery quilt that I did for a newspaper a couple of years ago.  I decided that this would be the quilt that I would take with me to the "retirement home" as it will give them a good idea that I am a non-conformist in a big way!  ha.
I do love the colors, though.

I shall be adding directions for placement of Magnolia blossoms on the Magnolia Quilt pictured below, ASAP.  I shall be taking pictures of this to put on the blog; so stay tuned as they say on the radio (whatever in the world that is) ha.  I am showing my age using such expressions!

Happy Days are here again.  Quilting is my therapy!  Let it be yours as well!