Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mr. Whoozy has become an angel!

For ones of you who have continued to check my blog since last September 2013 please forgive my lack of communication with you. Mr. Whoozy joined the band of Angels in December. I'm sure you can see him flying around up there if you look at the sky enough. when you see those white streaks across that you think are airplane wings those are probably Mr Whoozy flying around with his Annapolis buddies. He shall be missed forever..

I plan on sharing my quilting and stitchery work with you a while longer. I have just finished the cutest little purse that you will want to make for Christmas presents. They may be made out of small scraps of fabric. I have made one out of quilting scraps and am making another one out of small pieces of silk.
Knowing how I love to keep you in suspense, start by cutting strips of fabric 7" long x11/2"; 2"; or 21/2" wide.  It usually takes about 8 or 9 strips sewn together with quarter inch seams to make a piece to measure 9 1/2" across.   Once you have made one piece to these measurements, make another one for the back of the little purse.
When finished you will have the front and back of the little purse made.

Pictures of mine will be forthcoming.  I promise.