Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This is a "funtime" jacket made out of an old sweatshirt, or a new one, whichever you prefer!Yours will be a "one of a kind" as I am going to teach you how to create your own pattern. Don't scream! Believe me, anyone can do this! It requires very VERY little sewing on the sewing machine, and it can even be done by hand if you wish. It will just take you a little longer. I made mine in 3 days, working about 2 hours a day on it or less...............Try it, it is such fun. This is the first of the directions: There are pictures on the blog already of the sweatshirt cut apart, so scroll down and find them at February 1st posting.

Supplies: Over the head-Sweatshirt (size larger than you usually wear) with set in long sleeves (not ragland sleeves), crew neck. 1 yd. med. or light weight fusible interfacing; 1 2/3 yd. main fabric; 1 yd. darker fabric; fat quarters for interest (equal about 1 3/4 yd.); gray thread; 3/8" bias bar from a set; "505 Spray & Fix" fabric adhesive (if possible to find); white tissue paper.
1. cut off sleeve cuff bands above seam
2. cut off bottom band above seam
3. cut off neck band below seam. Mark center point of neck front body and back neck body.(I use a ball point pen "dot")
4. put a safety pin at the top center crease of each sleeve.
5. pin slip of paper to each sleeve labeling left/right sleeve
6. smooth bodies to find side creases. Press with hot iron to 'set' side "seams."
7. gently cut sleeves out of armhole and remove seam allowance completely
8. turn sleeves inside out and remove underarm seam allowances cutting on each side of them.
9. cut side seams open on bodies where pressed creases are.
10. turn bodies inside out and remove shoulder seams.
11. bond interfacing to body front beginning 2 1/2" left of center neck point and ending 2 1/2" right of center neck point all the way to bottom. Repeat process on back body piece.
12. Using a yard stick and ball point pen, draw the center line down full length of front from "dot" Do not separate sides of front, yet.