Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple Irish Chain with attachments for October!

Can't wait for you to see this. It has turned out so much fun!
Be sure to let me see your finished projects, too. I love hearing from you all.
email to : Be sure to put Simple Irish Chain in the Subject line! Thanks, B.

Simple Irish Chain Visual #6

VOILA! The first block is finished. Notice that the center block is different from the other 4 This is what creates the CHAIN effect! Study it closely.

Simple Irish Chain Visual #5

This visual shows one little 3 1/2" square block sewn together and pressed. Please notice how every intersection is perfect. That is what you want for sure!
Step #4 shows how to attain this perfection.

Simple Irish Chain Visual #4

Setting up your sewing machine with a little iron and pressing area close by is necessary for making this little quilt, quickly! I press after each step! PRESS WITH A DRY IRON, not steam!

Simple Irish Chain Visual #3

Some people have a difficult time getting intersections to match up perfectly. Look how I pin my little strips together. The pin goes in on the side of the seam and on the side of the seam underneath. Then the pin is turned DIAGONALLY. This simple step makes all the difference.