Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bobbin Lace velvet purse

Hi, all,
Christmas is must get started on the bobbin lace activity to make presents for this big event. Look carefully at all the pictures to know how to do this. I used a fusible wash-away stablizer for the base of the snowflake. (children's coloring books have big pictures to use for angels, trees, snowflakes,etcl)Trace the pattern onto the stablizer, then hoop it up; and using straight line stitching, completely fill the pattern with circles that overlap. You must overlap, so that the stitching stays together. Outline stitching is great but be sure to catch all of the circles to be sure that they all are tied together. Metallic thread is wound in the bobbin (not filling it except about half full. Regular thread is used on top of the machine. Such fun and so effective! Once you have the pattern completely full of thread, spray with water to remove stablizer. Let dry several hours. I used a dinner plate for a large circle pattern for my black velvet. Cut two bases, and two lining circles. Fuse them together with your favorite fusing material. Pin pattern to center of front circle. Use invisible thread to attach it to the center. (I added a gold button for more embellishment) Right sides together, sew the two circles together stopping about 2" from the top. Cover raw edges with seam binding, fold inside purse, and hand stitch to lining fabric. Add braided ribbon for handles.