Sunday, May 1, 2011


I always think of those SOS calls they used during WWII, etc. in movies: May Day! May Day! I guess perhaps that they still use that for emergency calls........hopefully, I hope I never EVER find out!
It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Friends of many many years are arriving from Texas in about an hour, and I am so excited! We go back a long long time, and love to talk over "old times." That is what aging is all about! It is o.k. to talk about them for a little spell, but not to dwell on that. Today is more important!
And, today, I am so blessed to have lovely stitchery friends and even family members who are "stitcherers." I am going to start sharing all of my quilts that I have made down through the years, with you! I shall start with some of the very first ones, and then get up to the more recent ones. It will be fun doing this, as I have not seen some of them in quite some time. They have been on beds throughout the house, under a coverlet, keeping them unwrinkled and safe from dust and too much light. That is so important.
Folding quilts ia not a good idea. That makes permanent creases in them. Therefore, if you have a bed that is not in use, layer the quilts on them as high as you wish. Most of my beds look like the "Princess and the Pea." ha.
Before I start that project, I shall show you one of my favorites. It is a wall hanging that I made from a photoghraph that I took in Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam. It was on April 21st, the day that the tulips all blossomed out. It is truly heaven on earth.
I made the wall hanging after I got home from there. The windmill fabric that you see was purchased at a quilt show in The Hague, Netherlands, that same year.