Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wisteria Pillow Construction continues

Wow, the pillow top is all sewn on and ready to add a little layer of polyester batting, a piece of muslin for a lining and a little machine free motion quilting to be done. Today I got all of the little pods sewn together, most of them are just little circles cut into a pod shape. I chain sewed them, then stuffed each one while I had a cup of tea. I use a new pencil that hasn't been sharpened, and the eraser is new and clean to stuff the polyfil into the little pods. Remember to stuff them very loosely, as you don't want hard knots to lean back on when you use it as a throw pillow. I then pinned the pods onto the stem putting the open end at the top of the pod. That is the part I sewed down using invisible thread in bobbin and on top. Each pod is just sewn down where the opening is.
I cut out a piece of gray tree limb fabric for a limb across the top, and free hand cut three so called oak leaves to just add a little color and have something else on the pillow top. I had a bottle of irridescent glue, and just used a paint brush to add little highlights where the light might be shining on the wisteria. This adds a nice effect.
Tomorrow I shall machine quilt the top and be ready to start construction of the pillow, complete with cording. That's the easy part. Mr. Whoozy said the top would make a pretty picture, and it would, really.