Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finally got the robin red breast finished. Thread painting is so relaxing. Just set your zigzag stitch, lower your feed dogs and take off machine quilt. I'm making these Bird Vignettes as a wall - grouping. There will be 3 of them with a throw pillow in the same room with #4 bird vignette on it. The Hummingbird is the next one, and it is a little faster to make, as the hibiscus flower is so large, and the little birds are soooo small. Have fun with this project!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Robin Red breast project

I wanted to start this project last week, but had to get Mr. Whoozy's birthday party all planned and over with! Now, we can go on with our Amazing Bird project.
I am putting the pattern on this blog for you. Enlarge it to the size you wish. I am making mine about 12" X 12" as that thread painting takes a lot of thread.
Using a light box, trace the pattern onto the right side of your fabric background. I am using the same background for all 4 of my birds. The Cardinal is already finished, and you can scroll down to see both of them. I made one in a pine tree and one in a palm frond. Whichever works for you.
Once you have the pattern traced onto the background fabric (tracing with a #2 pencil lightly works for me as I shall be covering up all lines with thread later) trace the entire bird onto a medium brown fabric. I used Heat Bond on the back of this, and then traced the red breast of the bird onto a bright orange fabric and bonded it to the brown bird.
Tear the bonding paper off the brown bird, and bond it to the main fabric where it is penciled in.
Make a darker brown branch as shown in the picture and bond it over the bird. The thread painting will take care of the details later.
Get this much done, and I'll try to show the next steps on the blog in a day or two........Dr. appointments are interfering with my quilt work! MERCY!
Have patience with me, please.