Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finished Simple Irish Chain Seasonal Quilt

YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is all finished for the month of October! It is a fun project and shall be working to get the attachments ready for you for November ASAP! I think children will love this project, getting to change the attachments every month! I even have fun doing it myself! ha

Simple Irish Chain Seasonal Quilt and Hand Quilting hints!

Just finished putting the final touches to my pumpkins for the Simple Irish Chain Quilt. It has been such fun to make. I made 3 autumn leaves and 4 pumpkins for October. I can leave the 3 autumn leaves on the quilt for November and only have to add "November touches to it. They will be forthcoming very soon! Can't believe how fast this month has flown by!
I am also quilting away on the Amazing Flower Quilt. I am now quilting on the "sunflower" block. I do this quilting at night with a good OTT floor light above me. The light from a light like this makes it easier to make small stitches. When I see the tip of the needle come through, I immediately go back down into the quilt. This makes very tiny even stitches, that I love.
Saw the flower blocks that some of the Florida quilters have gotten done, and wow, they are gorgeous. Such creativity in this project! Most of the actual flower pictures are still on this blog.
If you haven't pulled up the past articles that are on this blog, it might be worth your while. It will perhaps inspire you to try something different. Ruts are only ruts and get deeper and deeper. Think outside the ruts or as they say, "Think outside the box." Happy Days!