Thursday, June 26, 2014

Part 5 of cute purse:  Pinch corners together 1 1/2" from edges.  The purse will look like it has dog ears.  Once you have the right "pinch," take thread and wrap it around and around at the bottom of the pinch so that both ears are sturdy.  Ready made cording in various colors is available at most fabric shops.  Choose cording that looks nice with the little purse.  I highly recommend that you NOT use the silver cording that I used, as it is very difficult to sew through.  No matter what you choose, you will need 15" cut in half for each side.  Wrap raw ends with scotch tape to prevent raveling.  Pin each end of cording to the dog ear and using double thread and needle, or very heavy thread, whip stitch the cording to the front of the dog ear.  If you will pull out the sides of the purse as shown in the picture it makes it easier to sew the cording to the ear.  Once the handles are secured, do part 6.
Part 6:  cut 2 pieces of fabric 4" X 2 1/4" for ear covers.  Stitch right sides together, flip and turn.  Fold under 1/4" twice on each end, and blind stitch down securely.  This makes a nice piece that will wrap around the bottom of the handles, crossing it and pinning the ends securely.   Using a double thread, stitch the little covers' ends together and stitch all the way around the bottom of the cover.  Fix the cover onto the other ear, and do as before.
Part 7:  Sew on large snaps that are nearly an inch across.  They have the large ones at Walmart in gold, silver, and black.  Choose the ones that look the nicest on your fabric.  Sew on securely, as they will be pulled on to separate the little purse when opening.  Voila, you have made an adorable little purse that would sell nicely in any boutique.