Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wisteria flower blossom for a pillow top

I think you'll love doing this pillow top. Start with a 12" block of any background fabric you wish. The lighter the fabric, the easier it is to see the pattern through it to trace the lines. If you have a light box (that they have at some fabric shops and also craft stores, you'll be able to see the lines nicely. Enlarge the pattern to fit inside the 12" block.
Trace the pattern using a light pencil or a washable pen.
Make a center stem using a bias bar and a pretty shade of green fabric. I shall make my at least 14". (Directions for using a bias bar are on my blog Jan. 8, 2010.)
Choose shades of lavender, pale blue, and light purple for the blossoms.
Next week I'll put pictures of my project, so you can watch me do this project. My camera is on the fritz or I would show you today! MERCY!
Just get all of your supplies ready, and we'll get this done very soon.