Monday, August 5, 2013

FORGIVE ME!  I have had a few distractions the past couple of months.  I am back on track, now, so get ready to get some good new ideas from me.  I shall still be posting pictures of some of my quilts that I have made in the past 20 years.  Sometimes it surprises me how many I have made, as I really do have a life!
   I have a new computer that I am trying to get to be friends with, but, almost to no avail.  I keep thinking that I just need to use it more and forget that the old laptop that I love, is still sitting quietly by my side, waiting for me to throw this one in the trash!
   I've heard more people complaining about the new computers due to the programs that are on it. I am right there with them.  Whoever thought them up should be ashamed of themselves! MERCY!
  Keep checking this blog, because, as soon as I find out how to get pictures on this new computer, I'll be putting them on my blog!