Saturday, February 12, 2011

Directions Part B & C of Foxy Jacket (see Feb. 8th for beginning of Jacket Directions

Directions for Part B. Foxy Jacket: Fronts
1. Place a "dot" 6" below neck edge. Use ruler to draw a "V" from neck edge down to that "dot" forming the V neck. DO NOT CUT OUT, yet!
Once you have arrived at the point of being ready to work on the fronts, draw a line from center of neck to bottom of jacket. DO NOT CUT APART, yet!
2. With focus fabric, cut two pieces:
Length__& Width 3 1/2". Both of these measurements include 1/2" seam allowance! Pin these two pieces side by side of the drawn center line.
3. NOW cut apart the two fronts on the drawn center line.
4. With a sheet of tissue paper lay the front left side on the sheet and trace the entire outline. This becomes your paper pattern.
5. Lay the other fabrics (excluding the darkest fabric) that you have in areas choosing what looks nice with what. This is called "auditioning" the fabrics. Once you have decided what looks nice, remove the auditioned fabrics and draw areas on the paper using gentle curves starting or ending at the outside edge or at the center front focus fabric. This gives the "stained glass" effect once the pieces are affixed to the shirt piece. Do not make sharp curves as this requires bias pieces to cover the seams.
6. Once you like the way your paper "pattern" is going to be, label each area with ABC's, etc.
7. Cut out each paper "pattern piece."
8. Pin pattern pieces to wrong side of fabrics adding 1/2" around all for seam allowances.
9. Using the 1/2" seam allowance, cut out each fabric piece.
10. Place the fabric pieces on the front left side of the shirt OVERLAPPING the seams!
11. Pin pieces in place.
12. Audition the fabrics to look nice with the front right side.
13. Repeat #8-11 with the different fabrics. This should complete the look of the front of your jacket.
Part C of Foxy Jacket: Back
1. Find the center neck point of back of jacket. Draw a line to the bottom of the jacket.
2. You will want to double the width size of the focus fabric strip (we'll call this piece Z) for the center back. If you used 3 1/2" on the fronts, use 7" on the back. Cut Z out for the center back of the jacket.
3. Pin (Z) to the jacket.
4. Using the same pattern pieces that you used for the fronts, audition the fabrics for use on either side of (Z). Repeat #8-11 of Part B.
Next week we'll learn how to do the sleeves and how to finish the jacket.
For more visuals, visit my blog:

FOXY JACKET PART B front strips and V neck

I used Valentine's Day fabric for this sweatshirt jacket, just for fun! You can see the two center strips easily, and the other fabric pieces that are cut using slight curves. All seams will be covered with a "tubing that will be discussed later." Notice how to cut the V in the center front.