Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Have no idea where time flies, but it surely does.  I keep thinking that I need to add some things to my blog, and then my life gets in the way!  Thank goodness, I have the life to get in the way.  Not too crazy about the alternative! 

I have started so many new projects in the last two months, I don't know where to start.  I hope you have kept up with the crazy quilt using florals, as that is such a fun activity.  I shall work on my in earnest in January.  Right now, I am busy trying to get the Mystery Christmas Table runner directions to you.  Here is a picture of the finished project, as seen from my computer.  I plan on quilting this after Christmas when things are less hectic.  I'll have it finished for sure before next Christmas.  In the meantime, this project is also pretty to be done in RED WHITE and BLUE for July 4th tables.  Making the stars a bright YELLOW will be nice.  I can envision this project in many colors for many different months of the year.  While you know how to do it, DO IT.  ha. 
I did not put in the stars that are made when you use my "fancy sashing."
Directions, etc. will be added this week.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crazy quilt beginning with decorations

Press and seal in grocery store with foil and wax paper.

Crazy quilt pieces using Press N Seal without having a sew them together.  Just butt the pieces up against each other, then press and seal the sticky side down to hold them,, and then featherstitch the pieces together on the machine. Rip away Press N Seal.

feather stitched together and Press and Seal torn away. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


For ones of you starting the Forgiveness project.  Here are the pics thus far.
Notice that there are lights and darks.  It does not matter which one you start with.  I shall use some larger florals interspersed in the quilt, as well.  This next week I shall be showing you how to start and a special product that you will want to get to use to save a lot of time.  Look at your grocery store in the foil and wax paper section, for a new product called PRESS AND SEAL. I'll show you how to use it!  WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


In 1976, the bicentennial year I was given the most adorable little puppy by my son and his wife.  When they put her in my cupped hand, I said, "How precious!"  and they replied, "That's her name!"
I only have small pictures of her when she was a puppy, but the one I have chosen was taken out on our patio right after Precious had come home from the groomer.  She really knew that she was precious!  Her little rhinestone collar and leash are going to be so pretty in the wall hanging.  I have just started on this project, so you can follow along with me if you wish. 
I fused a piece of lightweight fleece to the back of the tan fabric.  I found the perfect black fur for her at Joann's Fabric Shop.  I shall be threadpainting over the fur to put in her white fur in a few places.  The background will be quilted on the machine. 
I enlarged the picture of her to get the pattern.  I have an overhead projector and just traced the outline of her on a piece of clear plastic and projected it to the pattern paper the size that I wanted to fit onto the 18" X 20" fabric.
I zigzagged the cut out fur piece after I had put Fray Check all around the edges of the fur to keep it from fraying. 
The first picture shows the pattern on the fur.
I pinned all of the pieces onto the fabric and that is what you see, now.  I drew in the legs of the patio table and put a little grass along the edge of the porch.  That will all be thread painted when I start sewing.

More pictures are coming as I progress with this project.
Enlarged pattern on black fur
Pieces pinned to fabric and fleece
This is my Precious Dog. Picture before digital cameras.

Friday, July 25, 2014

                                                   NORTH CAROLINA QUILT

Several years ago I designed this North Carolina Quilt based on historical info that I gathered from various sources. At that time, the Crossroads Chronicle Newspaper was located in that cute little red building on HWY 107 S.  Many things have changed since that time.  I have recently designed two new blocks that you may choose to use instead of the little red building: my pattern of the Biltmore Estate house or the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
 Each pattern  has the history along with easy to follow patterns for all of the 9 blocks:
 The 1st block  shows the Log Cabins that were prominent in the area from the beginning. 
The top center star is the North Carolina Star. The block on the right shows the Crossroads of Hwy 107 and Hwy 64;  it was the one red light in the area for years and years,  The 2nd row shows the rail fences that were erected by the Indians in the area and the pioneers have left them for us to enjoy.  The center block may be of you and your sweetheart, or your mom and dad or just one person if you wish.  I chose to have Mr. Whoozy and me in that block at the time,  The center-right block illustrates the beautiful Christmas tree farms that are located all around the area of Western North Carolina.  The bottom row-left is the state flower of NC.  I designed this block.  I think it is really pretty if you don't mind my saying so. :)  You can omit the little red building and insert the lighthouse or the Biltmore.  Those two blocks are done is freezer paper applique which is a piece of cake.  The bottom right block is the bear paw as we certainly have bears in NC. believe me!!  The history of this part of the world is so interesting, I think you will enjoy making these blocks.  If you wish a copy of the patterns for this quilt, send me cash or a check for $10 for printing and postage to Bonnie Talley, P.O. Box 2409, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004.   

WOW,  silk is so much fun to work with.  My daughter, Karen, brought me the most luscious pieces of silk from Texas last month.  We both decided to cut out little purses to carry in the evening to dinner.  They will hold our cell phones, one lipstick, and a few tissues.  Such a pleasure.

Wanted to share mine finished.  I used Christmas cording, plaited to make the handle.  It called for a 7" zipper, but I only had a 12" one.  I'm sure you know you can sew horizontally across any plastic zipper where you want it to stop, and then cut the rest away leaving only an inch.  It will work fine.  I buy zippers on sale, no matter what the length once  I learned this trick!

If you've never tried ribbon embroidery, you must,  I also used some scraps of trim that I had in my sewing box.  I save pretty ribbons from packages to use in this way, too.  Hand sewing all the little pearls and ribbons on is so relaxing.  There are many websites that teach ribbon embroidery.  Try it.  It is great fun.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Part 5 of cute purse:  Pinch corners together 1 1/2" from edges.  The purse will look like it has dog ears.  Once you have the right "pinch," take thread and wrap it around and around at the bottom of the pinch so that both ears are sturdy.  Ready made cording in various colors is available at most fabric shops.  Choose cording that looks nice with the little purse.  I highly recommend that you NOT use the silver cording that I used, as it is very difficult to sew through.  No matter what you choose, you will need 15" cut in half for each side.  Wrap raw ends with scotch tape to prevent raveling.  Pin each end of cording to the dog ear and using double thread and needle, or very heavy thread, whip stitch the cording to the front of the dog ear.  If you will pull out the sides of the purse as shown in the picture it makes it easier to sew the cording to the ear.  Once the handles are secured, do part 6.
Part 6:  cut 2 pieces of fabric 4" X 2 1/4" for ear covers.  Stitch right sides together, flip and turn.  Fold under 1/4" twice on each end, and blind stitch down securely.  This makes a nice piece that will wrap around the bottom of the handles, crossing it and pinning the ends securely.   Using a double thread, stitch the little covers' ends together and stitch all the way around the bottom of the cover.  Fix the cover onto the other ear, and do as before.
Part 7:  Sew on large snaps that are nearly an inch across.  They have the large ones at Walmart in gold, silver, and black.  Choose the ones that look the nicest on your fabric.  Sew on securely, as they will be pulled on to separate the little purse when opening.  Voila, you have made an adorable little purse that would sell nicely in any boutique. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Part 3 of purse pattern: 

 Now that you have got the zipper in place, place the sides of the
two pieces together right sides together and place the edge of a saucer on the sides opposite of the fold and trim off the squared edges to make nice rounded edges for the purse.  Do this on both sides.  Save the scraps to use as pattern for cutting the edges off of the lining. 
Now to start the lining:  cut two pieces of fabric 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" for the lining.  Fold 1/2" down from the top and press with a hot dry iron.  See picture.    Insert a piee of light-weight batting the same size of the lining underneath the fold at the top.  See picture.    Trim off the curves to match the curves of the purse.  Stitch across the top.  Take small pins and pin along a 1/4" seam allowance all the way around.  Cut off the outside edges as close to the pins as possible to make the lining smaller than the purse.  See picture.  
Part 4 coming soon!  

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here is the first step for your new purse project!  After sewing all of the little strips together to make two sections, a front and a back, that are 7 1/2" by 9 1/2", fold under 1/2" at the top of each piece, and press with a hot iron.  Slip a closed 7" zipper between the two pieces,  as shown in picture, leaving about an inch on each end open.  Pin as shown, using smallest pins you have.  Stitch as close as possible without catching the teeth of the zipper, either by hand or by machine.  Next step, tomorrow!  This is my scrap purse.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mr. Whoozy has become an angel!

For ones of you who have continued to check my blog since last September 2013 please forgive my lack of communication with you. Mr. Whoozy joined the band of Angels in December. I'm sure you can see him flying around up there if you look at the sky enough. when you see those white streaks across that you think are airplane wings those are probably Mr Whoozy flying around with his Annapolis buddies. He shall be missed forever..

I plan on sharing my quilting and stitchery work with you a while longer. I have just finished the cutest little purse that you will want to make for Christmas presents. They may be made out of small scraps of fabric. I have made one out of quilting scraps and am making another one out of small pieces of silk.
Knowing how I love to keep you in suspense, start by cutting strips of fabric 7" long x11/2"; 2"; or 21/2" wide.  It usually takes about 8 or 9 strips sewn together with quarter inch seams to make a piece to measure 9 1/2" across.   Once you have made one piece to these measurements, make another one for the back of the little purse.
When finished you will have the front and back of the little purse made.

Pictures of mine will be forthcoming.  I promise.