Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Directions for any electronic book cover

I've seen covers for these "books" advertised, but thought how much nicer to have a very personal quilted cover for this electronic marvel. Therefore, I made one using the 6" paper pieced pineapple square pictured below. Starting with the center square #1, embroider initials or name on the 2 1/2" square. Once the pineapple is finished, press the outside seams under with a very hot iron. Remove paper.
Cut two focus fabrics, two lining fabrics, and two pieces of 1/8" fusible fleece, 11" X 8" to fit a 6" Kindle. Measure your "book" and adjust sizes to fit. Pin the pineapple to the center front of one focus fabric with one fleece underneath. Machine applique (tight zigzag stitch all around the outside edges of pineapple. Quilting may be done now.
Place a lining fabric onto the top of the focus fabric, right sides together, and stitch all the way around leaving a 3" opening fo "flip and turn." Blind stitch side opening.
Repeat this process with the back focus fabric without a pineapple, and both front and back will be finished. There will be no raw edges seen. Pin the two pieces together; stitch with a quarter inch seam around the sides and bottom. Place 1" sticky Velcro pieces inside to hold the centers together. VOILA you're finished!

Pineapple pattern for Kuddly Kindle Kover

Paper piece this pineapple pattern. Directions for paper piecing may be found on the web by "search" "How to Paper piece quilting" Be sure that when you copy this pattern, that it makes a 6 1/2" square. See University #5 lesson on "How to print from the blog."

Directions for making Kuddly Kindle Kovers