Friday, July 25, 2014

                                                   NORTH CAROLINA QUILT

Several years ago I designed this North Carolina Quilt based on historical info that I gathered from various sources. At that time, the Crossroads Chronicle Newspaper was located in that cute little red building on HWY 107 S.  Many things have changed since that time.  I have recently designed two new blocks that you may choose to use instead of the little red building: my pattern of the Biltmore Estate house or the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
 Each pattern  has the history along with easy to follow patterns for all of the 9 blocks:
 The 1st block  shows the Log Cabins that were prominent in the area from the beginning. 
The top center star is the North Carolina Star. The block on the right shows the Crossroads of Hwy 107 and Hwy 64;  it was the one red light in the area for years and years,  The 2nd row shows the rail fences that were erected by the Indians in the area and the pioneers have left them for us to enjoy.  The center block may be of you and your sweetheart, or your mom and dad or just one person if you wish.  I chose to have Mr. Whoozy and me in that block at the time,  The center-right block illustrates the beautiful Christmas tree farms that are located all around the area of Western North Carolina.  The bottom row-left is the state flower of NC.  I designed this block.  I think it is really pretty if you don't mind my saying so. :)  You can omit the little red building and insert the lighthouse or the Biltmore.  Those two blocks are done is freezer paper applique which is a piece of cake.  The bottom right block is the bear paw as we certainly have bears in NC. believe me!!  The history of this part of the world is so interesting, I think you will enjoy making these blocks.  If you wish a copy of the patterns for this quilt, send me cash or a check for $10 for printing and postage to Bonnie Talley, P.O. Box 2409, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004.   

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