Monday, April 22, 2013

Lacy Pastiche with designer B. Talley

Wow, thought you'd enjoy seeing a "crazy quilt" wall hanging this month, that I had made a couple of years ago for an exhibit at our Cultural Center In Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.  It is made out of hand made handkerchiefs, buttons, lace etc. that were some of my mom's treasures.  She had saved so many of these things that I thought that I had to save them, further.  It is not quilted, as I just didn't have time to do so.  It is all hand stitched.   I loved doing the silk ribbon embroidery, etc. that is on it.  I would love to do another one, as I still have so many things that were in her "treasure box" in her sewing room. Many of the buttons were given to me by a dear friend in NC named Helen M.  She had kept many of them for years, as well.  Another dear friend, Mary G. bought a box of antique buttons for me at a Hendersonville Antique Day in NC as well.  What a treasure it is to have things from relatives and friends, all preserved in one "crazy piece!"  Enjoy looking at all the little details in this, this month.  

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