Monday, September 13, 2010

Funky purses fun to make

This is the same pattern as directions below. I am using size 13 needles and cotton plus ribbon yarn for the first 5", then dropped the ribbon and knitted with cotton yarn only until the size I wanted(about 15") I cut a piece of fusible stiff pellon 15" and two pieces of silky light green fabric cut 16 1/2". I fused the pellon to the wrong side of one piece of the green fabric; I sewed the light green fabric right sides together, leaving 6"opening for turning. Flipped and turned,now, pellon is on the inside of the green fabric; blind stitched the opening by hand, and folded and creased the green fabric in half. Attach the knitting piece(only the cotton yarn part to the green "purse" by sewing with invisible thread in a zigzag stitch along the edges catching the knitting edge to the green fabric (stretching the knitting to cover the entire green fabric. The ribbon section is the flap that folds down over the cotton yarn. Sew a large decorative button below the ribbon flap, and make a loop of ribbon yarn for the fastener. Just be creative with this pattern. It is great!

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