Sunday, November 29, 2009


Several people have written to me asking me to post the "whole quilt" that is featured on my new blog. This is the landscape that I finished this past summer. I took a picture of a house in old St. Augustine that had this unusual old door or gate into the garden. Hence, the name of the quilt is "The Secret Garden.


There's a new product "out there" for ones of you who do applique, needlepunch, embroidery, even machine quilting and much more! It is called Transfer-Eze. There will be no more need for light boxes, or pigma pens. The actual "film" goes through the printer or photocopier using a light setting. The image is printed onto the film; backing paper is pealed away, and the film is stuck directly onto your project. Once finished, excess film is cut away; project is soaked in cold water to melt remaining film. I bought a package of it at a quilt shop yesterday to give it a whirl. Sounds wonderful. Check with your quilt shops to see if they have it or will carry it for you. It is not very expensive: that is the good news.

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